Aeolian Islands

A few miles off the coast of Sicily, seven islands, each with its very own identity, dotted with numerous islets and impressive rocks emerging from the sea: the archipelago is protected by the UNESCO and remains extremely well preserved off the usual touristic tracks in Italy. The Aeolian islands offer seas as clear as the Bahamas, volcanic landscapes captured in numerous film sets and exceptional restaurants.

VULCANO is a volcanic island with an accessible hiking trail and natural pools of therapeutic mud.

LIPARI is the largest of the seven islands and the capital of the archipelago. You will find crystalline waters at the bottom of pumice-stone cliffs, enjoyable moorings and a charming city center.

SALINA is famous for its vineyards and wineries and the culture of capers and is the home of Aeolian gastronomy including several Michelin star restaurants.

PANAREA is the smallest of the seven islands and has been attracting world jet-setters for many years with its white village garlanded in bright bougainvillea, narrow lanes (there are no cars on the island, only golf carts), elegant shops and vibrant nightlife.

STROMBOLI is dominated by its fascinating active volcano, its eruptions in the middle of the sea and black sand beaches. Trekkers can take a guided ascent along the slopes towards the sunset, reaching the 900 meters summit.

FILICUDI AND ALICUDI are the most remote islands, hidden from tourism.